Author Topic: QT-007 • Set Your Strap For Optimum Performance  (Read 24013 times)

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Re: QT-007 • Set Your Strap For Optimum Performance
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2019, 11:47:38 pm »
Feels a bit awkward to ask this question after so many years. But I stumbled upon the video just now. And there is something about the strap and playing standing up and sitting down that is really bugging me.

So I struggle with setting the strap exactly in the position that the guitar fits exactly at the same height when I play sitting and standing. When I sit and set the strap so it is taut (like Justin in the video) and then stand up it is in the same position but the guitar feels too high standing then. I have a bit of a belly so the fretbord is angled at this height and feels uncomfortable... especially for bar chords and it is like reaching up for open chords. And while sitting it feels uncomfortable to play when the strap is taut the ede of it is rubbing against my neck. This can´t be right...  ???

I have to lose the strap a bit before it feels comfortable. Just a bit. Then it feels comfortable sitting and standing. But then the guitar is not EXACTLY in the same spot. It is down maybe 1 or 2 centimeters and the neck is angled up a tiny bit. Is this a problem? Does it really have to be EXACTLY? Playing feels roughly the same this way.

I practice sitting down but in my "fun time" I prefer to stand up for some time just to adjust to that feeling. I am a bit afraid of learning all my skills sitting and when I stand up it is like holding a guitar for the first time.

I think the problem is that I am really small and rather chubby  :(

I get the feeling that I wasted more time on this problem then I should have...

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Re: QT-007 • Set Your Strap For Optimum Performance
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2019, 07:11:10 am »
It does not have to be exactly the same position so do not spend any more time worrying about this and measuring the differences.
Comfort and playing ease are paramount.


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