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SB-209 • Rollin In The Deep - Adele
« on: March 15, 2013, 12:24:43 pm »
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bridge missing?
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2013, 02:16:11 pm »
I've really listened to Justin when he's preaching the importance of transcribing, and I am a true believer. Therefore I rarely let myself look up any song in Justin's songbooks before I've taken a serious stab at transcribing it myself. Getting the new Pop Songbook is a little like when you were doing an exercise at school, and knew that the right answer was waiting in the back of the book. But you had to complete the exercise before you could look it up.

Recently I sat down with guitar, paper and pencil and listened carefully to Adele being heartbroken in Rolling in the Deep. When I finally was rather satisfied with my efforts (but still unsure when to play power chords or not) I allowed myself to take the first look inside the brand new Pop Songbook, pages 130-132. Aha, there's a Gm to G7 shift at the end of the pre-chorus that I missed but it sounds oh so right. And Cm all the way through verse 4 … But wait!

Whats before verse 4? Chorus 2? What about the bridge? Isn't there a bridge? I'm pretty sure there's a bridge.

So. I would like to propose the idea that eight bars are missing from Rolling in the Deep. In the form of a bridge after chorus 2 and before verse 4. The lyrics are almost the same as in the chorus, but the chords go Ab Bb Cm Bb Ab Ab Bb Bb.

What do you say?

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Re: SB-209 • Rollin In The Deep - Adele
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2017, 11:28:28 am »
I've started working on this song.

I understand that the chord changes come late on the " 1and " beat.

What's not clear is how Justin strums it. Usually he says to use a upstrum. Like in Justin's Eagles, Take It Easy song lesson. He really stresses that the intro starts on a up strum on the "4 and" beat. It took me two weeks of practice to get comfortable with that chord change.

But with Rollin Deep it seems like he's using a down stroke on the "1 and" chord change? I'm really confused and not sure what to do.

If I do use a down stroke on the "1 and" chord change. Then do I use another down stroke on beat 2 and get my pick back in sync?


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