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USB to STA adapter help
« on: February 28, 2013, 01:07:35 pm »

I have a WD MyBook hard drive that I knocked off my desk. I think it damaged the drive which is a WD Green sata inside.

So to be sure I bought that adapter thing. I -thought- because it had connectors for SATA, and 2.5 / 3.5 IDE that you would just plug it in via USB and connect your drive of choice and would be able to read the drive.

The directions are Chinese and really bad.  some of the worst I have seen. also this thing seems to be some sort of backup and cloning device which I don;t really need or want. Anyway... after installing all the little folders full of software apps not knowing what the hell they all do ( I hoped one would be a driver ) I still can't get it to work.

Not only that but although it has a power block, if you plug in an IDE drive there is no connection for power. So I had to rig power from another drive enclosure.

Anyway I finally get to the point my PC recognizes something and it looks like a new drive but it says install drive. In other words it's like a CD device with no media or a drive mounter with no drive mounted. However when I plug a drive in that icon simply disappears.

Now.. back to the WD MyBook... I was able to get another Sata drive to work in it so it's interface seems ok... which means my WD Green Sata is most likely bad. It just clicks. So that mystery is solved but about this adapter......

Has anyone ever used anything like it. I can't seem to get it to recognize a device. I just wanted it as I have several raw drives that I would like to just snap in and be able to read then or get data off them onto larger drives with the use of all those external cases with power adapters and all that.

This is the most complicated device I have ever tried to use and that thing about having a power block and no connection for powering an IDE drive which is made to connect to it is just crazy.

If you haven't used one do you know of a cheap reliable IDE and/or SATA to USB connector ( With power ) that I can get. I passed on those little $6 cables thinking the piece I bought would be all inclusive but .....

So if you know anything about it... even the theory of how it works and what program I'm supposed to be looking to get installed. Everything seemed to install properly but I can't understand the Chinese translation direction. Also no step by step pictures of connections so o help there either.


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