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Samson Go USB Microphone
« on: February 26, 2013, 10:53:41 pm »
I just got one of these tiny little condenser microphones today and have been playing with it for a little while now recording myself doing finger picking exercises, and I must say the sound on it is pretty good considering the price ($38). It's probably not going to replace the high end mics any time soon, but I can't see needing anything more in the near future since all of the recording I will do will be through my laptop.

Now, when I say tiny, I do mean tiny. The microphone itself measures about 1"x2.5" (roughly 2.5cm x 7cm for you European types). It comes mounted to a small stand that is slightly larger than the mic itself, and when folded up and in the case it's smaller than a tin of Altoids, but slightly thicker. The stand also acts as a clip to clip onto your laptop, and can be mounted onto a mic stand.

Here is a sample of the sound. It's just pattern 1 of the folk finger style course recorded with the mic on the -10db setting from about a foot away, and no post processing done at all. I was getting brighter sound out of cardoid mode but it kept picking up my breathing which annoyed me. I can upload that too if anyone is interested. I didn't even try the omnidirectional setting.

Like I said, it won't replace a big dollar studio mic, but with some EQ adjustments and compression added, I was getting some really nice results. I just wanted to show the sound straight out of the box here.

It also has an earphone jack on the side for monitoring the audio stream live, which works really well.

Anyway, I hadn't seen these mentioned, and just thought I would post this here for reference in case anyone is looking for an inexpensive microphone for home recording, or to do self evaluations of your playing.

It's too early to say how reliable it is, but it seems pretty solid. I'll update this if I run into anything.


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