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Pickups for my Ibanez S570b
« on: March 27, 2012, 01:16:35 pm »
I started this thread already because i know i will upgrade the pickups if not now somewhere in the future i will. I also want to know what will be a reasonable budget for good pickups so if i dont have the cash now i can save it up. To give an idea i saw a BKP Warpig set for $400 on a website in India.

I have an Ibanez S570 guitar which has mahogany body and a maple neck. And a Floating bridge. I wish to change both the bridge and the neck pickup. I play a little diverse range of music like classic rock, metal, space rock etc. The artists i would like to sound similar to are Pink floyd, Dire straits, Metallica, Pantera, Rammestien, Blink-182, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Kamelot, Dream Theater, Monster Magnet.

Neck pickup:
I would like my neck pickup to be a bit aggressive and have good highs and a biting tone. It should have oodles of sustain. I know it is more technique dependent but i want it to sing. I know getting a particular tone is difficult but you ought to have a reference point and build on it I want sounds somewhat like the tone in the songs For the love of God (Steve vai), Flying in a blue dream & Surfing with the alien(Joe Satriani) . I want rich harmonics and pinch harmonics should be a breeze. It should work well with the solid body mahogany guitar i have.

Bridge pickup:
I want it to be a contemporary sounding high output pickup. I want tight bass response and it must be responsive to fast, aggresive palm muted picking. My current pickup has a bit flabby bass. I dont prefer scooped mids and would like a nice heavy tone. Also my current pickup doesnt cut through the rest of the bad that well.

I have written some of the pickups i have considered
Neck: Dimarzio Evolution, Dimarzio Liquifire
Bridge: Seymour Duncan Sh-13 Dimebucker, Dimarzio D-Activator x

I have heard good things about Bare Knuckle pickups but couldnt decide which one will fit my needs.


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