Author Topic: E-shaped barres -- ringing the 7ths on the 4th and 2nd string  (Read 1441 times)

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Hi everyone,

Love the Solo blues course!. But that last Rag is much More difficult than the first 8. It's' hard to hold the barre and still play melody with the pinky. Here's my specific problem.

I have no problem ringing all 6 string on E-shaped barre chords, even the seventh chords with a lifted pinky. However, when I play the 7th on the 2nd string with my pinky, my barre curls up and the 7th on the 4th string always buzzes. I've been asking around, but most advice I get is obvious but painful -- try stretching with you pinky without rotating your hand.  Does anyone have any further advice on how to do this more effortlessly and less painfully. Thanks.


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Re: E-shaped barres -- ringing the 7ths on the 4th and 2nd string
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2012, 08:55:56 am »
Well, it's a tough one. Reaching out with the pinlky makesd your index finger "roll over" towards the fret - hence the buzzing.

Justin's finger stretching excercises are really good for this sort of stuff, although the hand position/angle is somewhat different for a barre chord. I don't think that there's a cheat code anywhere in this. You will probably just have to practice it a lot.

Start higher up on the neck, so you won't have to stretch that far, and work your way down.

Sorry that I can'offer you anything better here.

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Re: E-shaped barres -- ringing the 7ths on the 4th and 2nd string
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2012, 09:09:43 am »
For me, it was "hit and miss" to find a good position; move the barre up and down and find a good spot  (in a perpendicular fashion, not along the neck).

I know justin gives the tip of curling the barring finger out a bit and this can help, certainly in the beginning but most of all, you need to find your own best finger position. Including the amount of "roll".
For me, only a very very gentle roll is allowed or I go buzzing.

For every grip, the applied pressure for each finger is different. It sounds boring but practice makes perfect.
Thry it on other frets and see what it does where. Trying it on various places will buzz but you'll get a feel of what goes smooth and what not.

also, try sliding the same shape 1 fret up/down,  frets up/down and you'll get to know the feeling even better.

A very good exercise is changing from open chords to barre chords in a progression. If it doesn't work immedialty, it can be a bit frustrating but it's normal, it's a bit hard when starting out with barres.
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