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Conventions for Russian trems
« on: March 16, 2012, 05:36:44 pm »
Hi, folks!

As there are several Russian translators it's important for us to make some conventions on using Russian terms. That's because sometimes you can not find direct translation for a word and have to use a substitute and for some other reasons.

Let's set and discuss those conventions in this thread. They are listed below.

1. Stages in beginner's course. Currently they are called Ступени - Первая ступень, вторая ступень. It will be great for an judo training but concerning guitar playing it sounds a bit funny. I'd rather use Уровень (level) or Раздел (part). But as far as it is not agreed by others I will use Ступени, as it was done in previous translations.

2. Russian names of cords. You know, in Russian we don't use A B C D to call notes or cords, we use Ля, Си, До, Ре instead. In other hand it's unwise to omit Latin names in translation 'cos they are so commonly used. Guitar playing is mostly a western tradition. We have to adapt it. So it's handy to use our traditional note names followed by single letter Latin name: Соль-мажор G. Sadly it will be read as 'Ghe' not 'dzi' by majority of Russian speakers.


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