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Re: FO-101 • Folk Fingerstyle Patterns 1
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Re: FO-101 • Folk Fingerstyle Patterns 1
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Ralph McTell - Streets of London

Thanks Richard, I used to like that one when I was first engaged in (not) learning how to play.

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Re: FO-101 • Folk Fingerstyle Patterns 1
« Reply #32 on: January 22, 2020, 12:52:14 pm »
I’m starting to make some progress with fingerstyle. However for anyone else who’s trying to master this, here is something to watch out for. I’ve been concentrating on Justin’s FO-101 lesson which uses thumb and fingers 1 & 2 and the high E string is not used. I’m using my pinkie on the pickguard as a support.
I’ve now moved to FO-102 which introduces finger 3 to play the high E string. I’ve found that without realising it, my support pinkie has been touching the high E string and now that I’m playing this string it is buzzing.

The answer of course is to move my pinkie a bit but doing that is messing up what I’ve been practicing for the past month. So something to be aware of.
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