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S.O.S Getting to grips with pick grip
« on: December 29, 2011, 06:44:29 am »
Hello to everyone, I got the major scale dvd course eight months ago and I've been at it in earnest since, sticking religiously to all tips and advises on each of the lessons, taking things slowly, working with the metronome, keeping finger movement at a minimum... for a while things seemed to be going at a steady progress although even then I felt uneasy with the contact of the pick with the strings,(a bit of rubbing instead of hitting cleaned clicks on the strings) but I didnt give it much importance, hopping that it  would correct itself with practice, but as I've been advancing lessons, it wouldnt go away, becoming ever more fastidious. As I've been cranking up the metronome speed it's got more evident that there's something fundamentally wrong, and it's so bad now that for the last two months i haven't made any headway at all... At the moment i'm at 2x165 with the metronome and I got positions 1,2 and 3 done,but I refused to go any further with the dvd until I get it sort it.
I just can't get a consistent flow with the pattern studies at that speed. It doesn't feel right. I've been tweaking around with the angles of the pick coming off the thumb. if its perpendicular to the thumb I find it difficult because very often the pick gets caught in the strings and I have to ram through them to keep up with the metronom and then I get recoiled out groove. if it's angled pointing forward  I end up rubbing the strings loosing proper contact with them. The most frustrating thing is that for the last two months I got in this pattern in which one day I seemed to have the right grip(I can tell the difference right away, effortlessly moving up and down with minimum drag) and then the next I lost that feel completely.
Its driving me mad, sapping my confidence and wearing my enthusiasm down. Because I haven't found what exactly is the problem I keep changing things instead of committing to just one course of action.
Please heeeeelp!!!!!
Thank you for taking your time and help

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Re: S.O.S Getting to grips with pick grip
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2012, 04:23:15 pm »
I dont know if this will help, but I am also working my way through this DVD, am at about the same speed as you, but Ive moved up to position 4.

I found as the speed picked up it was best if I used a very hard pick and held it, hmm, how to describe? I hold the pick at a 45 degree angle to the strings, if you are looking straight down onto the pick ups or sound hole. I brush it back and forth and just let the pointed end of the pick flick lightly back and forth. The the shorter side of the isosoles triangle is basically parallel to the top of the strings.

Normally when Im soloing I dont do it this way, as I prefer the sound of it when I dig deep, and wrestle with the Telecaster, making the notes really snap out of it, but for speed this technique works best for me.
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