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Chord and Scale practice together.
« on: July 14, 2011, 03:27:35 am »
 I have a question about how and what to practice. I have the DVD on the major scale and it is great.  I have been trying to practice a chord , then the scale, and the arppegio that goes with it. My question is  kind of about the different forms.  I been  trying to put chords together that are close together in position on the neck that would be common changes.  Example  Play e-form G major chord , then play a A-form C major chord, then something like a C-form D major chord. I am trying to get the notes that go with each chord so I don't have to think about it.  The notes are in the chords so , but what scale or pattern would i use when I make the chord change to C and then D.. Would I start on the root note of the chord and play all the notes in the caged system on up and back to the root note of the chord at the position i was in , the arpeggio, both, how and  or what.. Would like some advice on what would be the right way to practice. I think i would be talking about playing lead ect..  It's easy to think E-form chord and then play the matching Caged box, but what about when you go to a different chord form in the same position, like the A-form C major chord? You Would have the E-form caged pattern , with the g major  E-form chord which matches the shape. , But when you change to the C major , its a A-form chord.  The chord fits in the postion or the chord wouldn't be there. Just kind of wondered what the deal was so to that I practice the right thing..  Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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Re: Chord and Scale practice together.
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2012, 10:27:31 am »
I would say that you should listen as the chord  changes to the effect that each note has. Start with the chord tones of the individual chords, but explore the other notes of G major as well. There could be no harm in experimenting with other tones as well.

It is yet another case of if it sounds good...
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