Author Topic: Need some help with what laptop I should buy! Or where to start looking :)  (Read 2664 times)

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It would help if you add what else you would be using the laptop for. Are you looking for your new laptop to replace your existing one - i.e. recording and everything else you do?

If that is the case then you probably want to stick with a PC since your current machine is a PC and there _should_ be no trouble continuing to use the same apps that you do so now.

If your primary purpose is amateur recording then I would recommend a Mac Book or a Mac Book Pro with either Garage Band or Logic Express. Both machines can do a lot more but since you would be switching PC->Mac you may have to hunt around for application compatibility.

Also, if there is an Apple store nearby ask about their refurbished models. These are cheaper and still come with the regular 1yr Apple warranty which you can extend for two more years by purchasing Apple Care.


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It would help if you add what else you would be using the laptop for. Are you looking for your new laptop to replace your existing one - i.e. recording and everything else you do?

yes, I think so. My current laptop has real problems with overheating, has no battery-capacity left at all, and I feel its getting slower and slower, so Ill just keep it for school work.
So the new will be used for everything else.

I don't know what to do now really, the Acer, if we pretend it's not a good chance it's bad, seems to be perfect for me. Going to another brand with the same speccs will make it alot more expensive. (since this was on sale and everything).

So....should I take my chances with the Acer (which might also turn out to work alright :P ) or spend the extra money....I gotta think some on this!
Thanks again for all advice! :)
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the Acer will be cheaper because they have some cheaper components.  they start by adding in the components that they think the public want and then put in the cheapest other components that will work.

Ibn this case maybe the perception is that the public are looking for i7 cpu.  to start with that cpu is not very fast,  Sure its the latest design but its the low end of that design.  tbh I didnt know they even made them that slow.  So you might be better served with a faster i5 for example than the slower i7.  next would be the ram speed, and the fact there is only 4GB ( which these days is really a minimum ) next would be the motherboard,  this connects all the components together, so no matter how fast your components are, the motherboard could be a bottleneck the 750 GB hard disk sounds nice, but do you need that ? and again is it a fast or a slow hard disk ?

now not knocking Acer, I have not owned one and I know they are a budget brand.  But a mate owned one and smashed his screen by being careless, and somehow managed to get them to replace it for him ;) so they are not all bad.

I would be a little wary of that laptop though, I am not sure that it will really suit your needs.
 what is the specs on your old laptop ?

check out
and look up the charts to get an idea on how the components measure up.

Also your old one is getting slower and the battery is crap and it overheats.

use a vacume cleaner to try and remove any build up of dust.
keep it plugged in.
format the hard disk and reinstall the operating system
and maybe consider a laptop stand with fans to increase airflow.

I am not recommending this one as I jsut didi a quick search to give you an idea of what it looks like,  but one that raises up the back of the laptop and has fans should help keep it cooler.

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I would just like to say that I don't think Acer is a very good brand. I have used them before and have never been impressed with how they run.

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I said it.
Now go buy something decent.
And for FSM's sake, not an Alienware.
Those are overpriced.

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FSM... flyin spaghetti monsta?? :D

Hey marcus I was wondering if you allready decided what to buy..
And another thing, 10 more posts and you got 1337 posts... meaning you cant post anymore cuz ur too 1337 for u shirt!

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I feel its getting slower and slower, so Ill just keep it for school work.

try cleaning your registry.  wise registry cleaner (free) does a pretty good job with it.  Just make sure only to clean the ones it says are safe.  If you mess with the registry without knowing what you're doing there's a pretty good chance you'll mess up your computer more than it is.


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