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Great product!  Couple of question/comment combinations regarding squeezing every bit of goodness out of this product:

1)  Comment:  Been transcribing the "other" guitar part.  Everything is right out front, no pesky vocals getting in the way.  Picking out the bass line too.

2)  Comment:  Once you get through all the tracks and learn the techniques, go back to the simpler tracks and apply those techniques (simple example, go to track one and add PM chugs - E5, chug, chug, chug; A5, chug, chug, chug; and so on.

3)  Improvise over the tracks.  E Pentatonic Minor works really well over track 1.  

4)  Here's the question:  I think I should be able to pull off E Pentatonic Major over track 1 as well because, well the rhythm guitar isn't playing any thirds.  But I can't seem to make that work.  So it's either because:
- The bass or the other guitar is playing a G note somewhere which pretty much drags it to an E minor kinda thing, making the Pentatonic Major not work.
- Or there are other notes being played in the backing that drag it to Em tonality.
- Or, its because generally speaking I have a problem improvising in a major tonality So that may be the issue, and I just need to work at it.  I mean I KNOW I have an issue there; so when I can't make major work I don't know if it is because it just CAN'T work because of the music or if its because I can't MAKE it work.
So, I'm gonna take my own advice from item "1)" above and transcribe the other parts and see if I can figure out the answer myself (as in if there are a lot of "G" notes being played that makes the E5 chord the rhythm guitar part is playing an Em in terms of the overall harmony in the track).  But I wouldn't mind someone telling me if E pentatonic major should/could work as a headstart.

Answered my own question.  If anyone is interested:  The lead riff nails a G note.  Added to the E5 power chord, E and B; that spells E, G, B which is 1, b3, 5.  So making it VERY E minor.


P.S. Is it too gushy to say this site and these forums are AWESOME yet one more time?
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Re: Multiple usage - improv/transcribing/scale work/theory - AWESOME
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Really appreciate the good vibes there Scott. :)

 Great that you managed to figure out all of that stuff on your own to, super awesome.

 Using these tracks for transcribing and/or working out the parts and improvising are all really beneficial things to do, and I encourage everyone to do that!  I should recommend that in the pack...

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