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Casey's Road Case
« on: February 14, 2011, 05:21:32 am »
I currently have the following guitars.

I have a Hagstrom Ultralux XL-5: Got It a couple years back, the neck is really thin and feels great, has very low action, is great for a variety of styles with the HSH split coil set up. I play a lot of metal on this guitar.

I just recently got a Aria Pro II Fullerton and I have to say it's an absolutely amazing guitar, got it for around 100$ and it plays and sounds like a dream. It has a HSS set up and I use it primarily for blues and rock. Feels and looks like a strat.

I have one acoustic it's an Ibanez AW900. It's a really sweet acoustic, no cutaway but absolutely filled with inlays and has amazing tone as well as great action.

For an amplifier I recently acquired a Peavey VTM(Vacuum Tube Modified) 60 and it roars. Has a lot of tone modification settings on it. And the clean channel is amazing, the gain channel will blow your ears off set at 3. I love it. :D
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