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« on: October 13, 2010, 08:24:27 am »
So I get home to a little package from overseas and I know it’s Justin’s CD.  And here I am playing it over and over, and I am not at all unhappy about it.   First song, Forevergreen, and first thought was I was back in the same world that Nick Drake and Tim Hardin and Tim Buckley came from, and to hear things come full circle and back to a real troubadour makes me pretty joyful.   There is a lot of coming home for me in this record.

Everyone experiences art differently of course, and sees different things in books, poems, songs, than the writer may have intended.  That’s what makes sharing what you create so scary and so thrilling.  So here goes.

If you want pretty and homogenous, knock on another door.    Justin has such an honest voice; I’m guessing it betrays everything he feels.   The roughness and sweetness that come and go in his singing are so much a part of the songs.  How soft he can sound and then how, I don’t want to say impassioned, it sound too florid, how intense he can be over the course of a single tune.

I Pity the Rose really holds me.  It’s like a magician’s trick.  Although the subject of the song is incomparable, the things that reflect her perfection become much more interesting and emotionally compelling than she is. The rose, the song that fails to describe her, the artist, all of the songwriter’s attention, well all of my feeling anyway, is for them. True beauty is never perfect.  Is it the Navajo who weave “mistakes” in their rugs on purpose?     And does anyone know the scene in Alice in Wonderland, or maybe it’s Through the Looking Glass, where Alice is in a shop and keeps seeing wonderful things out of the corner of her eye?  The thing is, when she looks directly at them, they are gone.  Just out of direct sight is something beautiful that can never be really seen, only imagined.   So the song really isn’t about perfect beauty at all.  It’s about the desire to know beauty, and capture it, and that desire is what’s is so moving. 

There is a bittersweet yearning in this album that is contagious.  Some songs are so deeply felt that you want to have those feeling for yourself. even the really complicated, dangerous ones that would make you feel all over uneasy.  But alive, right?   You start to wish for the stars, I guess, or I do.  But the record, despite some very dark stuff, also gives you more than enough light to see beauty in an ordinary everyday moment. Look how time suspends when you hear something so true.

So it turns out that I am grateful to have found Justin Sandercoe for many reasons, not the least of which is that his journey is one I find uniquely inspirational for all sorts of personal reasons I can only half fathom at this point in my musical education (we all wanna be big big stars but we have different reasons for that).  You don’t know what else you’re going to learn while you’re learning scales, you know?  Or while listening to Small Town Eyes. 

 A few people I know who play guitar tell me that whatever sounds come out of me when I am making my own music, able to make my own music, aren’t really going to be entirely in my control.   And I know as a writer in other genres that what you write is a part (but not all)  of who you are, sometimes the best part, sometimes perhaps the worst.  Sometimes it’s a surprise; sometimes it’s like, well, like coming home.  Sharing it is inviting, for better or worse, the world in for a little while.  Thanks for the invitation Justin.  I’m having some fine time.   And you’ve done a pretty good job of changing the world for the better.  We all could take a page from your book. 

PS  I just found the magical guitar pick in the CD case….  Feel like I’m in the first act of the rest of my life…. What a nice invitation to the dance.

Way past my bedtime.  Gdnite all.

Realism is relative.

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:) cheers Pat!
"You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room." Dr. Seuss


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