Author Topic: What do the words "spongy" and "snappy" refer to when they talk about p'ups?  (Read 1328 times)

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Well there's the question for you. I've been reading about the differences between Alnico II and Alnico V pickups and I repeatedly found people saying that the Alnico II was "pretty spongy" and that Alnico V was "generally snappy".

What do they mean?

I'm thinking of installing a couple of humbucker pickups on a '59 Les Paul replica a luthier will build for me. I'm still in the process of deciding.

Thanks a lot in advance.

PS.- I'm a non-native English speaker, that's why I ask. I've looked up those words in dictionaries but still don't understand. THX bye.

PS2.- Sorry, and also, what do they mean by Buttery lows, etc. Thx
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They are most likely trying to define the speed with which the sounds occur.

Some sounds can be near identical but one might seem to develop just a bit more slowly and smooth while the other is quick and more well defined.

Think of Slap Bass in a fast paced jazz number as opposed to bass in a laid back reggae song. One is very precise and the other seems more rounded even though they might be playing the same notes. Not the style but the actual note character.


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