Author Topic: CAD M179 multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone review!  (Read 912 times)

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Howdy fellows,

About a week ago I got my CAD M179 that I had ordered off eBay over two months ago.
In the end I paid a bit more than I'd hoped, but all was well once I plugged it in and started testing it.

On guitar I think it sounds pretty great. It's a fairly neutral sounding microphone which makes it work together very well with the Oktava MK-012 that I already own (and have owned for nearly a year now). The set-up I tested it in was the 012 on the 12th fret of the guitar and the 179 (cardioid) on the bridge. Kind of a fake stereo, but yields huge sound.
The other way I tested it was with the 179 in figure-8 mode. I used the 179 then as the side mic and the 012 as a mid mic, so an M-S set-up.

On vocals, I found the MK-319 that I also own to perform just a bit better on my voice. However when I had a singer-songwriter over to record, the 179 sounded very good on her voice in figure-8 mode. I chose the figure-8 mode because she has a very thin and neutral voice - this fig-8 pattern added some lower-end to the recording which worked very well.

I love this microphone. If you're in the USA this is even more of a bargain than here in the EU.

(distances are around 20cm)
MK-012 @ 12th fret, M179 @ bridge
MK-012 & M179 in M-S
MK-012 & M179 in X-Y

CAD M179 Various Configurations
Placement notes:
12th fret - at about 1 foot distance, slightly angled towards the soundhole
Bridge - at about 1 foot distance, pointing at the 12th fret
OTS - at about 2 inches from my ear, about same distance from the guitar, over my right shoulder, pointing about 60° down pointing at the soundhole-last fret area.
Soundhole - at about 1 foot distance, pointing at the soundhole at a 45° angle.

My favorites:
Cardioid - 12th fret, OTS & Soundhole
Fig-8 - Soundhole
Omni - OTS & Soundhole

Oh, and remember that this is not your average MP mic, it's continuously variable.

P.S: If anyone wants to hear like, comparisons between mics (on either acoustic guitar, amp, voice or cajon) where they are used instead of where they are recorded together as in a stereo or pseudo-stereo set-up... feel free to ask.
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Re: CAD M179 multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone review!
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Nice work Cue!


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