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Re: BL-201 • 12 Bar Blues in 12 Keys
« Reply #75 on: November 09, 2021, 07:22:45 pm »
This is not true. The Blues scale is a Minor Scale because it contain a Flat 3rd and a Flat 7th
The only difference between the Minor Pentatonic and the blues scale is the Blues scale contains
the Flat 5
The blues scales gets it name from using the Flat 5 (the devils note) this is why Blues is sometimes
called the Devils music.
Ah, I didn’t realise that, I’ve always thought it was either because it can be played over a minor or major scale.
Still here, still learning and still a monumentally stubborn old f4rt 😂

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Re: BL-201 • 12 Bar Blues in 12 Keys
« Reply #76 on: November 09, 2021, 08:11:30 pm »
The blues sound we all love is the Minor pentatonic or Blues scale (Flat 5 Added) over a
Major or Major 7 chord progression.

The reason the minor pent works so well over a Major progression is the 1 4 5 used in most
12 bar blues is contained in the minor pent scale 1 b3 4 5 b7 and the clash between the
Major third note in the root chord and the minor third (b3) in the scale.

Use your ears to pick out the notes and licks you like best over each chord as the progession
moves from chord to chord.
All the notes will sound OK over every chord but some will sound way better than others.

Some with licks, if you find one note in a lick doesn't float your boat over some chords
switch that note out with one that does.

You'll find some lick will end on the root note by changing that note to the 4th or 5th depending
on which chord your playing over will completely change how that lick sounds.
Thanks for this Stitch
That's a great help.
I'll play around and see what sounds good.

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