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Re: So, what are you learning now? (on your instrument/s)
« Reply #3330 on: November 11, 2019, 10:11:51 pm »
Acoustic Guitar (steel-string)
  • Still playing around with DADGAD and EBEABE (with a cut capo). I'm making an arrangement of a Celtic tune. (Guitar, violin, viola, and probably whistle or recorder, plus bodhran.)
  • Still working on arpeggios, but now I'm improvising with them (still over the Autumn Leaves progression) and mixing in pentatonics.
  • Been brushing up on triads on string 4-3-2, going around the circle of fifths.
  • Various strumming + vocals songs

Classical Guitar
  • Working through Etudes from a method book
  • Re-learning Le Cygne (I neglected it for months. It's coming back, though.)
  • Robin Reddocke (lute song arranged for guitar)
  • Working through a method book (alto recorder)
  • Sakura (alto recorder)
  • Kalevala Melody (alto recorder)
  • A Jig (soprano recorder)
  • Minuet in D Minor (Handel) (soprano recorder)
  • Rigaudon in Am (Telemann) (soprano recorder)

I recently bought a Yamaha digital piano to go in my office. I've been playing piano a lot more now that one is handy. (We have a piano in the living room, but there's always activity out there, and all my music stuff is in my office, anyway.)
  • Chord inversions (circle of fifths)
  • Chord inversions (I-V-I and I-IV-I progressions)
  • Scales
  • Re-learning old repertoire pieces. Currently working on Stardust Falls and Prelude Opus 28 No. 20 (Chopin)
Ear Training

Using Toned Ear and working on identifying harmonic intervals without using a fixed root. I've discovered that's a weak spot, for me.
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