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Re: BC-131 • The G Chord
« Reply #75 on: January 03, 2021, 05:36:02 pm »
First question on the beginner lesson boards and not sure where this fits in - It relates to "G Chord Hacked" here -

In the video he says to learn classic G "when you find a purpose for it" - Full G is "the" chord for the "La Bamba" Riff isn't it?

Anyhoo - I learned the G years ago with Ring finger 3rd fret low E string, Ring finger 2nd fret A string and pinky on 3rd fret high E string.

And by just rocking the Ring finger I can mute the A string as Justin says.

It seems to make the transition from C, F, well most of the "open" chords easier.

It's a minor adjustment I guess to use the middle finger on the low E and ring on the high E but is it that important to have that in the arsenal right now?

Going back to La Bamba - The C, mini-F, G (my way) transition is really compact transition. Roll the C onto the F then simply "jump" the middle and ring to the A-E strings respectively and plant the pinky down.

BTW - Don't ask me how I got down the La Bamba rabbit hole at this stage of the game. -  I stumbled onto the riff practicing Jingle Bells - LOL...

Then I went looking and found a video of Justin playing it/teaching it.  One of the coolest riffs in guitar history BTW...
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