Author Topic: Guitar Challenge 0001 - Improv over Justin's 12 Bar Blues in A  (Read 32512 times)

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Re: Guitar Challenge 0001 - Improv over Justin's 12 Bar Blues in A
« Reply #165 on: November 13, 2018, 01:13:06 pm »
I’m getting a blues vibe here David, nicely done. I think you’ve got all good notes, and I especially liked the ending - the descending notes, not that it was over lol. I agree that you’re playing ahead of the beat sometimes, but hearing that yourself is what will help you stay on the beat (except when you’re intentionally off) with practice.

Great job on these challenges, David, I’m enjoying hearing your progression.


Thanks Mari ... I shall cherish "blues vibe" :)  Confession time ... can't hear myself being just off, can see it when I look at the wave form in the DAW  :o

Good stuff David - well done for revisiting these old challenges too.

I agree - 7 minutes is way too long except for personal practice.
 Hopefully, future challenges will be more modest … 1-3 minutes.

Thanks for that, Richard.

My laziness on the 7 min track ... needed to figure out how to trim out the middle 5 minutes and didn't go to that trouble.  Promise I won't do it again  :D


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