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Re: BC-101 • Common beginners questions answered
« Reply #405 on: October 03, 2019, 01:03:24 pm »
@ Cami

Where will you find chord progressions?
In songs.
Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.
Okay, thanks for advice  :D

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Re: BC-101 • Common beginners questions answered
« Reply #406 on: October 06, 2019, 09:24:13 am »
That's what I did to be honest, over time they kind of just all find their way onto the strings simultaneously with practice. I believe the air changes  lesson is a big step forward in getting all your fingers down at the same time, but haven't got to that stage yet.

You’re right, I can now do A,D and E almost without thinking, fingers just seem to go to the right place. I’m doing 60+ 1mcs for A to D and A to E but only around 40 for E to A.

I can do the rate min chords from stage 2 with a little thought and I’m finding G quite easy in terms of finger position and it didn’t take long at all to get it to ring true.

I really struggled with the C stretch and couldn’t get my fingers anywhere close but over a few days I can now occasional make it sound right.

I’ve tried some stage one songs and making progress with them too, I tried to play love me do to my Mrs last week and she didn’t have a clue what it was, but slowly things are coming together And I’m hoping she’ll be able to get it soon.

I did listen to Justin playing everybody hurts, one of favourite songs and loved the sound when he fingered the strings 6 to a chord.

I thought I’d gave that a go expecting frustration and incompetence, I used my pick rather than my fingers, and was astounded I’d picked it up and could repeat consistently for each of the chords. Even when I played a couple of bars for my wife she got the song straight away   :D

So I’ve just book beginners songbook vol 2 as the above is in there.

So I’m pretty pleased with progress since I started in early September with the first 8 chords understood and in my head.

Time to slow up now I think in terms of stages and try and consolidate changes between those 8 chords and learn some of the easy songs so they’re recognisable to my better half.

Loving it so far  :)


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