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Common FAQ about justin, his gear and this site...
« on: January 28, 2009, 10:59:47 am »
This is where I am going to add all those questions that seem to pop up pretty often. So I will just add the answers here to save me having to answer them over and over...

Going to build this up as I go... this is just a starter...

What camera do I use to make the videos?
I used to use a JVC GY-HM100 but it got stolen from my studio at the start of 2014 and I replaced it with a Canon XA20 which so far is excellent and I'm very happy with it.

For the very early stuff we used an inexpensive Samsung thing but only for a couple and then I moved to a Canon HV20.

How do you edit the movies
I use Final Cut Pro.

I started out using iMovie to edit them, then moved to Final Cut, which is WAY better. I edit on MacBook Pro. I don't own or know anything about PC's. I do all the editing for normal lessons, but Jedi comes in for the DVD filming and editing.

What mics do you record the videos with?
I use two - usually a Senheiser Lapel Mic and a Neumann TLM103 condenser mic which both get plugged into the camera (it has phantom power).

Prior to the having the JVC I used the internal mic in the HV20.

What programs do you use to make the tabs and neck diagrams?
I do tabs in Sibelius. I used appleworks for the neck diagrams but that no longer runs on my computer! I use Guitar Pro as well, really cool program.

What guitar did you use on X video
I have a list of all the guitars I use on my vids on the Justin's Guitars page of the site. Reminds me I must get photos of them all!

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