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Another Thank You!
« Reply #3000 on: March 26, 2019, 02:28:05 pm »
Justin, thanks for being such a legend and setting up such an awesome website.

I’ve mucked around with guitars for several years but never had any formal lessons. I learned some classical piano in the past and used to play keyboards in a rock n roll band so the music theory etc really helps but I’ve been very slack about getting around to learning properly on the guitar. My band mates taught me a few basics but that’s it. I Decided to start your guitar course from the very beginning so that I don’t miss any fundamental techniques etc. It’s great!

I injured my knee playing sports and just had reconstructive surgery. Whilst that really sucks, it’s a good opportunity to get down to some dedicated guitar learning. I made you a donation in the past but I’ll drop you another because what you’re doing is top notch and you go down as one of the good people in the world, for sure.

All the best!


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Re: The Thank You Thread
« Reply #3001 on: March 31, 2019, 10:26:06 pm »
A big thanks to Justin and his team! You're helping an old lady learn some new tricks!

Nickname: Terra
Real (full) name: Theresa (but hardly anyone calls me that anymore)
Age and birthday: 52, mid-January (when everyone's burnt out after the holidays)
Habitat: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Which guitar(s) do you own? Yamaha "student" acoustic, cheap Epiphone acoustic, Guild (not so cheap) acoustic, Squier Affinity strat, Fender Mustang 90

Which guitar do you currently play on? mostly the Mustang and the Guild

Which amp(s) do you own? Fender Mustang 1 v.2

How long have you been playing guitar? started when I was a teenager, dropped it for decades, picked it up again a couple of years ago

Which is/are your favorite music genre(s)? rock and blues, primarily, but I like a lot of different kinds of music

Which genre do you play on your guitar often? whatever' in the Justin Beginner Course, for now

Who are your favorite bands? Queen 4evah! Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, orchestras/groups headed by Benny Goodman & Artie Shaw, Ink Spots, Muse, Claypool Lennon Delirium...

What inspired you to start playing guitar? My father won one (my Yamaha) plus four lessons in a raffle. I had been painstakingly teaching myself keyboard on our Yamaha home organ, but with Brian May inspiring me I was happy to hit the strings.

Do you play in a band or have you been playing in a band? Once, for a weekend, in a "ladies rock camp"

Why do you play guitar? Because I like to make music, and it fits where/how I live. If I didn't have to spend time at work, I think I'd be trying to learn other instruments as well.

What are your goals for the future? To be able to play in front of other people and not have them be embarrassed for me. Also, when I develop some real competency on guitar, I might have a go at the bass.

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Re: The Thank You Thread
« Reply #3002 on: Today at 09:06:56 am »
Hello Justin!

Wow. Nice work. Thank you for being there.

In addition to your musical talent, you appear to have a natural talent for teaching. You have a great teaching style. Most importantly, you have the crucial talent for presenting things in the right order, or in a very good order.

Learning guitar is not easy. Let's not fool ourselves. I saw a video of Mark Knopfler explaining and demonstrating how difficult it really is to learn guitar. If it was easy, everyone who plays air guitar would learn it, but they don't. I know lots of guys who tried to learn guitar and were put off, quickly gave up.

This means we all face a learning curve that is sometimes very steep. Your teaching style helps with this learning curve problem a lot. If you present things in the right order, you can keep the student's motivation level up, and you do this. I don't know whether or not you do it consciously or intuitively, but the effect is enormous, and I've benefited greatly from it.

In addition to learning guitar, I'm also learning some teaching techniques from you -- not for teaching guitar, but for teaching anything that's hard. (I play piano, pipe-organ, violin, sax, and am an electronics and software engineer.)

So, I thank you for all of that. I'm impressed. Donations will be forthcoming.

Best regards,


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