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Title: Which Studio Monitors
Post by: Peakoverload on March 30, 2019, 09:38:37 pm
So I'm looking to buy some new monitors for my home studio and I'm a little in two minds as to which route to go.

I currently have a pair of passive speakers with 8" drivers (not near field monitors) which I've had for years and love the sound of but unless I sit further away from the computer, I'm out of the stereo image and am too near the speakers and don't get the right tonal balance.

Hence the need for near field monitors. I'm currently looking at the Dynaudio BM5MKIII's which we use in a couple of our studios at work and which I do really like the sound of and the Yamaha HS8's which seem to get good right up's and favourable responses from owners. I've not had a detailed listen to them but what I've heard sounded good but that was only at high listening levels. The BM5's I've heard at high and low listening levels and know very well.

The BM5's use a 7" driver with a frequency response of 42Hz – 24kHz with a Max SPL of 118dB peak, a crossover at 1900Hz and 50W going to the Tweeter and 50W to the Woofer.

The HS8's use a 8" driver with a frequency response of 38Hz - 30kHz, a crossover at 2000Hz and 75W going to the Woofer and 45W to the Tweeter.

Primarily I use my studio for spoken word, voice to picture but, now that I'm learning the guitar, I'd like to use it for music. Whilst I do have a guitar amp I do find myself mainly using Amplitube (own) and Guitar Rig (on trial version) simply because I can get the sound of a driven amp without waking up the whole house or the neighbours. But in using these programs I find that the bottom end can get very boomy. Whilst I do own a subwoofer I don't want to connect that up as it would just be too much and would definitely disturb the neighbours.

The BM5's are, I think, better suited to my normal needs but the HS8's might be better for guitar but equally could be too big a sound for near field use.

Any thoughts, anyone use the BM5's for guitar or similar spec speakers?

Title: Re: Which Studio Monitors
Post by: glpguitar on March 30, 2019, 10:09:34 pm
I havent tried BM5s but as a HS8 user, I cannot recommend them enough. It's quite late here at the moment so I'll put a longer post tomorrow if needed.
Title: Re: Which Studio Monitors
Post by: J.W.C. on April 01, 2019, 11:34:33 am
I have HS8, as well, and have no regrets: they're excellent.
Title: Re: Which Studio Monitors
Post by: Peakoverload on May 04, 2019, 10:03:41 pm
Well I bought the HS8's and have had them a couple of weeks now and I have to say I'm impressed. The stereo imagery is quite freakishly accurate and like having a phantom center speaker. The tweeter gives such clarity to the sound that you really can hear all the individual layers and the bottom end is better than you'd expect from a near field monitor.

For the money, they have no right to sound as good as they do. Only criticisms of them is that the bottom end could be tighter but you won't get that in a near field. Positioning them is a little tricky due to their size and the rear bass reflex ports and you really need to have the tweeter at ear height (but you should always do that anyway). The only other criticism is that the room control settings don't do a huge amount, they are just High Pass and Low Pass filters which is fairly limiting when compared to other speakers that also allow you to not just cut but boost LF and HF and even do the same for MF.

Next step is to order a 19" rack and install some of my outboard gear but also want to see if there is an affordable Optical ADAT patchbay option as my Audio Interface only has 1 optical Input and Output but I have several optical devices to connect to it.