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Title: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Loefgren on March 16, 2019, 10:28:00 pm
A bit delayed due to ski holiday but here is #10. I'm a big Dylan fan and gonna do more songs of him during year, but I am gonna start with the most well known one. Easy to play. The tempo is a bit higher compared to the original, but I like it this way. Some flaws for sure but pretty happy with playing and singing overall.

Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: oldhead49 on March 17, 2019, 04:15:57 am
Johan, that was superb. I think that’s my favorite that I’ve heard you perform.  You seem to be developing a maturity in your vocals and your guitar playing. Congrats and well done on No. 10.

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Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: DavidP on March 17, 2019, 05:12:36 am
Trust you had a great time on ski holiday,  I'm glad you back with us sharing another song.

This is a really fine performance,  Johan. Great rhythm and feel, so relaxed and comfortable.  I agree with oldhead, I think your voice has become smoother, mellower over the course of the 10. I sense you are becoming more comfortable,  less stressed when singing.  This was most enjoyable to listen to and look forward listening again later with better quality playback.

I especially want to compliment you on your fretting hand. I noticed how your fingers stayed close together through the changes. Movement between chords was minimum, no big jumps, flying fingers etc. Excellent technique.

To stretch and take this one to the next level, which based on the quality of this performance,  I think you are sufficiently on autopilot to think and try, I suggest some embellishments.

I think some lifting and hammering on of either index or middle finger on the Am and C chords, especially during the instrumental portion, would add another facet to this gem of a performance.  You could start with either finger and work up to adding some variety or patterns using both.  Ultimately aiming to just let it happen without too much thinking as you get fully emmersed in your performance. Based on what I see here, I reckon you are ready for this.

Once again, congrats on a fabulous performance.
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Garfield on March 17, 2019, 04:45:29 pm
Glad you're back I was worried you'd stopped at nine. Solid effort. I thought the vocal suited your voice. Only 42 left keep it up.

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Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Sweed77 on March 18, 2019, 01:58:28 am
Brilliant performance Johan.  Things are starting to gel for you in both your guitar and vocals.  Nothing wrong with upping the tempo a bit and putting your own personal touch on a song, it worked quite well  8)
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: PilgrimPod on March 18, 2019, 01:24:30 pm
To quote myself from #9.
With each passing song your singing seems to improve. Guitar sounded good to my ears.
I think I echo others when I say the improvement from #1 to #10 is quite noticeable with regards to your actual performance. It appears (at least to me) you're growing in confidence with each passing song as it is visible in the performances you're sharing with us. Things just seem smoother and tighter. I can only guess this has came through regular recording and sharing of songs you're working on. :)
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Loefgren on March 18, 2019, 03:53:13 pm
Thanks Dave, David, Gareth, Sweed and Pilgrim for listening. I feel that confidence is raising a little bit for every cover I record and I am glad you can hear improvement from #1 to #10. The whole idea with this little project, is to improve (and to have fun). Your feedback gives me the motivation to continue recording and sharing.

David P: Thanks for the nice words on fretting technique. Lots of work behind it. But wait until I share a song with some more bar chords in it, things will probably not look as smooth…And thanks for the tips on spicing up the song, I have not worked much with suschords and hammer-ons etc, but I will try to incorporate that gradually into my playing.

Gareth: Thanks for wanting me back, I will not stop posting songs, hopefully I can fulfil the goal of posting 52 songs during this year. Almost 20% done.

Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: max_mue on March 19, 2019, 08:12:28 am
Well done Johan! I like the tempo :)

Which Dylan songs are we going to hear from you? Looking forward to them :)
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Rossco01 on March 19, 2019, 03:38:40 pm
Nicely played Johan. Whole package - vocal and playing - sounded very good. Very obvious you really like this one as there is some nice emotion in it.
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: CT on March 19, 2019, 05:29:11 pm
Very nice! You are building confidence in your singing and playing.

I think you might be ready to try some embellishments as @DavidP suggested. Hammer-ons, pull-offs, single note picking, run ups and downs --are a good idea to incorporate as is some palm muting or even starts and stops. Continue to stretch and find your own voice.   
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Loefgren on March 20, 2019, 01:56:48 pm
Thanks a lot Max, Rossco and CT!

Rossco: Yeah I like this song a lot, glad it shows.

CT: Thanks for the advice on techniques to spice up my playing. I have started to work with some of these, but I have so far not felt ready to bring them in to my recordings. Takes time to get these techniques solid.

Max: Dylan songs I have practiced a bit earlier, but never recorded are "Love Minus Zero/No Limit", "Masters Of War" and of course "Mr Tambourine Man" and "Blowing In the Wind". Really wanna do "Dont Think Twice", but dont think I have the skills for it, I can listen to your version instead  :)
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: batwoman on March 20, 2019, 10:08:18 pm
What a remarkable difference in your playing, your presentation and your singing Johan. You look and sound comfortable, you flow along in the sound part of of it as you make it. You are a shining example of what practise and persistence can do. Well done!
Title: Re: 2019 Cover #10 (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
Post by: Loefgren on March 21, 2019, 08:25:32 am
Thanks a lot Maggie!

Yes, if I look back 1 year or so its a big difference in my playing and singing. Its just takes a lot of practice time to get comfortable with the guitar and also singing always has felt very unnatural for me. I am not a natural performer at all (I guess very few people are really, its mostly loads and loads of practice) and really has to force myself to sing. Getting better and better though, but i am still not very comfortable singing when other people can hear it.

I feel now when I play the guitar I am much more relaxed then before, and I am trying not to use more force then necessary to fret and strum the strings. Everything gets easier and also sounds so much better when you are relaxed.

This was a pretty easy song though, when I play songs with trickier changes and more chords in it, I still have a tendency to tense up and things start to fall apart a bit. But the solution to this is just to continue practice so these chords and changes gets easy also.