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Title: You know, I still don't get it.
Post by: coboltz on June 14, 2010, 04:30:28 pm
Do I really need so much stuff like what Justin recommends in recording songs?

I mean I can play a backing track from my computer/iphone while connecting it to my amp, and I can also connect my guitar to my amp. So I the backing track and sound from my guitar can be heard from the amp at the same time.

So can I just connect a mic to my computer and record it just like that?

Then what software to use? I mean there's like so many, and I don't know what to use. And some are rather expensive..

Do I really have to have an interface...or whats an interface anyway?

Can't I just plug my iphone and guitar to my amp, connect a mic to my computer and just record it just like that? And if I wish to edit it, I'll edit it when I finished recording.

Can I?

Or do I still need to do anything else?

I think I'm doing it the wrong way, cause I'm also planning to take a video of myself playing it, and post it on Youtube.

If I record it, and if my footage doesn't seem to fit in with the recording, then wouldn't it be a disaster?

So how do I film and record both at the same time? Just that I film with a camera and record via my microphone? I mean I've seen people do it with just one 'click', what's that thing they use?

I just wanna do a simple video of me playing, with good sound quality. Well, the video quality is already settled.

So my question is:

1. How do I record and film at the same time?
2. Do I really need to follow Justin's instructions?
3. What's an interface?
4. What audio software do you recommend for editing?
5. I mean when I record it, the file would be saved into the software right?
6. And if I get a dynamic/condenser mic, all I would have to do would be to connect it to the computer and open the software? And then start playing and film it?

I would really appreciate if my questions get answered.
Title: Re: You know, I still don't get it.
Post by: Cue Zephyr on June 14, 2010, 05:53:07 pm
1. How I used to do it, first putting the camera on record, then your DAW, hten sync it later in a video editing program.
2. No.
3. It's a combination of pre-amp, AD/DA (analog and digital) converters, audio outs (for monitoring on either speakers or headphones) and a phantom power supply (at least mine is).
4. Cockos REAPER!
5. You're supposed to save it like in any other program (like Word).
6. Dynamics can be directly connected to a soundcard if you have an adapter (XLR=>TRS or XLR=>3.5 mm jack). Condensers on the other hand, need phantom power (DC) to operate. There are some on the market that have an internal phantom supply (USB condensers), and some seperate USB connected power supplies/mini-interface (Shure X2U).

I have a video on my YouTube channel that was recorded with a Kodak Zi8 camera and two condenser microphones connected to a pre-amp. The output of the pre-amp was connected to the external input of the camera.
Title: Re: You know, I still don't get it.
Post by: coboltz on June 15, 2010, 01:53:17 pm
So what I need to do is to get a mic (dynamic or condenser i'll choose), and then get my camera and then hook my mp3 player to my amp, and then play together with the backing track and film it and record it, then edit it through an audio software. Right?

Besides hooking my mp3 player to an amp, is there anyway I can also play a backing track with my guitar playing?
Title: Re: You know, I still don't get it.
Post by: Cue Zephyr on June 15, 2010, 02:17:08 pm
If you get a dynamic, be sure to get an XLR to USB or TRS or 3.5mm jack adapter. If you get a condenser, be sure to get an USB condenser or a normal one and a phantom power supply/pre-amp.
You'll be editing in a video editing application to sync up both video and audio, such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere.

Another way to get your music to playback to play along with it, is to load it into your recording software, stick on your headphones and then record your playing.
Title: Re: You know, I still don't get it.
Post by: Ragz on June 17, 2010, 11:21:11 pm
Actually, i think Reaper now supports video files. not sure, never messed with this feature they just added.

# Video:

    * added "Video window follows edits" setting in Prefs>Media>Video
    * muted items, muted tracks are not displayed
    * FFmpeg: added YV12 and YUY2 colorspace decoding support (makes video decoding faster)
    * FFmpeg: bundled OSX versions are now 10.4+ compatible
    * FFmpeg: improved video frame display when seeking during playback

Title: Re: You know, I still don't get it.
Post by: Cue Zephyr on June 18, 2010, 02:47:46 am
I'm gonna stick with APPCS4 and AAECS4, lol. Well, when you see what I do with my footage these days, you know why.