Author Topic: CS-012 • Sweet Child 'O Mine - Guns 'N' Roses [MAIN SOLO]  (Read 177 times)

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Re: CS-012 • Sweet Child 'O Mine - Guns 'N' Roses [MAIN SOLO]
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2017, 09:18:32 pm »
Thank you for these great lessons, Justin!

Just a quick question/remark to the first section of the second video.
I wonder if Slash isn't just releasing the bend on the 15th fret (second string), pulling off to the 12th fret, instead of starting the lick on the thinnest string. Seems easier to play for me and I think I heard and saw it this way in a few live videos (although I'm never so sure with these things, even after watching it like a thousand times back and forth).

Anyway, thanks again for the lessons! I'm finally trying to learn this one from start to finish. :)


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